Mrs. Degruise 6th Grade Math

Welcome to 6th Grade Math class.  I am excited to begin a new school year 2016-2017.  I have a lot of different things I want to try this year to help improve our Leap 2025 scores even higher than last year.  In order for me to be successful, I will need each and every student including parent to  help with this process.



August :  Assignments for week 8/22 thru 8/26
Monday: Lesson 9: Problem Set
Tuesday: Lesson 10: Problem Set
Wednesday: Lesson 11: Problem Set; 

Test Papers will go home to those of you whosigned off and want to receive them.

If You didn't get the letter, you can write a note stating you will accept test papers every other Wednesday, review them with your child, and sign and return tohomeroom teacher. 

Thursday: Lesson 12: Problem Set
Friday: continue on Lesson 12: Handout
Please continue to review assignments daily withyour child.
thanks again for all that you do.