Welcome to Mrs. Wilcox's 6th Grade Science Class Page


Welcome to Mrs. Wilcox's 6th grade Science Class!

I want to welcome you all to a brand new school year. I am excited to begin teaching and getting to know our new 6th grade students. I hope to use this class page to let parents know what we will be covering in class, when test will be happening, and to post resources that will be beneficial to student learning. Please note that the schedule may and will change from time to time. 

Supplies needed for science:

  • composition notebook  (can be any color)
  • blue folder
  • colors or pencil colors for making diagrams and models
  • pencils
  • paper

 Let's make this year a great school year. 

 Mrs. Wilcox 

January 29- February 2

Monday: I will be out at a meeting. Students received a reading on magnets. Students need to read text and answer questions in complete sentences. This will be picked up on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Begin Unit 4/Static Electric Simulation

Wednesday: Continue with static electric simulation 

Thursday: Electric Fields

Friday:  Bill Nye Video-- 

Vocabulary Words Due and Test will be Thursday, February 8


February 5-9

Monday: Electric Fields

Tuesday: Insulators Vs. Conductors Lab -- HW Finish Paragraph

Wednesday: Resistance Lab: HW: Study for Test 

Thursday: Test and Vocabulary Due

Friday: Teacher out: Complete Alternate Assignment this will be picked up when we return from break.

ENJOY your break. 

February 19-23

Monday: Magnets Lab (repel and attract)

HW: Finish questions

Tuesday: Magnetic Fields Mapping it Out 

HW: Finish Questions

Wednesday: Teacher out today: Complete alternate assignment

Thursday: Magnetic Fields Reading: Earth's Magnetic Field 

HW: Finish Questions

Friday: Earth's Magnetic Field Strength Lab: 

HW: Finish Questions

February 26- March 2

Monday: Electromagnets

Tuesday: Electromagnets

Wednesday: Teacher out for Science Meeting: Complete Alternate Assignment

Thursday: Gravity

Friday: Gravity 

March 5-9

Monday: Bill Nye Video Magnet Review

Tuesday: Chapter Test Magnets and Gravity ** Vocabulary Due**

Wednesday: Unit test Review

Thursday: District Test

Friday: District Test 

March 12-16

March 19-23

March 26-30

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